Project Lemon Tree has entered a new phase of supporting residential citrus growers via Zoom. This meets our mission of increasing urban tree growth. In fact, it’s proving to be a superior model of growing in that most tree planting programs see huge percentages of trees dying after planting for lack of care. Since our trees are going into gardener’s residences, we feel certain that the survival rate will be exceptionally high.

Project Lemon Tree | Bizgenics

Photos by Brannon Yamauchi

Long-time Lemonade Alley and PLT supporter, Susie Chun-Oakland invited us to do a 6-part Zoom teleconference training on all things lemons. So far we’ve taught planting conditions and techniques and just finished grafting lessons. Upcoming includes companion gardens, support structures and uses of lemons. The grand finale is a mixology session… jump in for that one as it includes tasteology and many cocktail techniques. The group ordered 51 lemon trees from us and donated $20/tree to support our keiki programs. Huge mahalo!

Author: steve