Do you want to bring Project Lemon Tree to your classroom but don’t know how to grow lemons in your location? Fear not! With some good planning and a willing team, you can leverage lemons to learn in even the most unlikely of climates. 


Here’s how you can bring the Project Lemon Tree experience to any classroom:


Be prepared and plan to adapt.

Before you plant your lemon tree, you’ll need to know what you’re working with. A good first step is to determine which growing zone you’re in and how you’ll need to adapt to create good growing conditions. 

Have your class think about potential challenges and come up with solutions. Does it rain a lot where you live? Consider how you can keep your lemon trees from being overwatered. Is frosty weather a possibility? Think of ways to keep your lemon tree from freezing.

Once you’ve taken your climate into consideration, you’re ready for the next step.


Find a location for your lemon tree.

Now you need to decide where your lemon tree will live. Because of their small roots, lemon trees grow well in pots. This means you have the flexibility to move them where they’ll grow best, either indoors or out! 

Start by doing some location scouting with your students. Remember that lemon trees don’t like being in damp or windy environments, but they do love sunlight. Maybe you have a well-lit courtyard or a sunny classroom window. Don’t be afraid to get creative. That’s all part of the PLT experience!

If you’re not sure to start, read our tips for planting lemon trees on school campuses.


Create a care plan.

Now that you’ve done the groundwork and found a home for your lemon tree, you’ll need to work together as a team to keep it thriving. Who will be responsible for each month of care, and how will you monitor its progress? Our Care Plan and PLT Curriculum can point you in the right direction and keep you on track to create an engaging Project Lemon Tree experience wherever you are.


Project-based learning can take place anywhere, and we’re excited to empower your learning experience. There’s even been interest in adapting the Project Lemon Tree learning model to mainland species.

Have you adapted Project Lemon Tree to your location? We’d love to hear about it! Tell us about it in the comments or send us a message.

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